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    Prabhu Uma is the massage practice of Mala Patel.

    Mala Patel is a Licensed Massage Therapist with specialized training in art of Ayurvedic Massage Therapy.  Mala completed her training at Keiser University in Orlando, Florida and spent four months abroad in Mysore, India studying under the supervision of Ayurvedic Physicians and Therapists at the Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center.

    Her time abroad afforded her the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture of India and the practice of Ayurvedic Medicine.  The therapies she practices stem from the ancient medical system of India known as Ayurveda. Although still in practiced in India, Ayurveda has only recently gained recognition in the Western world. The therapies are designed to address specific problems within an individual and to bring that individual back to a more balanced state.

    In creating balance from within, harmony is achieved, and she is able to guide her clients towards optimum health.  Mala has a deep interest in health and spirituality; she believes in the importance of the mind, body, balance and strives to help her clients achieve this.

    Mala Patel

    Therapist, Mala Patel License # MA48903, MM31342 licensed and insured

    By appointment only, located at:

    1414 Gay Road, Suite #204

    Winter Park, FL 32789

    Contact @ 407-758-6252 or MalaBP@gmail.com