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    Massage Gift Packages Orlando


    Don’t let the names scare you, these packages are designed to help you feel good and stay well, we are certain you will not be disappointed

    Abhyanga & Shirodhara – You will receive a full body, warm oil massage and a dripping treatment of warm medicated oil – 1 hour & 50 minute’s for $205

    Udhavarthana & Shirodhara – You will receive a herbal paste & oil massage plus a dripping treatment of warm medicated oil. – 1 hour 50 minutes for $205

    Shiroabhyanga & Padabhyanga – If you have poor circulation then this is the package for you; you will receive a medicated scalp treatment and lower leg & feet massage . – 50 minutes for $110

    Scalp massage & relaxing Swedish massage – This package speaks for its self, what could be better than a 15 minute scalp massage and 60 minutes of Swedish massage? The price! – 1 hour 15 minutes for $99

    Gift certificates are available!

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